Why Last Minutes Flights Aren’t Cheap Anymore

Do you remember when you could book a last minute ticket for almost nothing? Last minute flights aren’t as cheap anymore — on the contrary, it’s way more expensive than if you book early. Why? What can we do to find the cheapest tickets?

Flexible Traveling – How To Search For Flights Without Dates

Having an idea of when you want to travel is a must for most travel sites. However, while planning a trip you might not always know exactly when you want to go, and often you have to research a lot to get to know when the flights are the cheapest. At Avionero, we think curiosity matter, and it’s important that the process is as easy as it can get. Therefore, we’ve created a function which meets the behaviour of a lost traveller: Searching without specific dates.

Do Environment-friendly Flights Exist?

Thanks to today’s modern airplanes, flying is often both quick and comfortable. We do however know that air travel affects our climate deeply. The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) reports that air travel stands for approximately 4-5 % of all global climate pollution This means that even though you want to contribute to a healthier planet, it’s not that easy. How will we then go on about this?

How to Avoid Jet Lag After a Long Haul Flight

A long haul flight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? It seems rather unnecessary to waste days to feel bad – both during and after your trip, doesn’t it? Especially when you can avoid, or at least minimise, your symptoms. Here are some of our tips on how you can prevent jet lag after long haul flights!

A guide on how to book your trip to the most favorable price

We are probably many who have heard about ridiculously cheap flight tickets, but never managed to come across one. Do the super cheap tickets really exist, or is it just a myth? To some extent, it is just a question of luck and good timing, but there are a few things you can do to take control of the prices. As long as you know how.

Why can't search sites show real prices?

Question: On search sites you often see promotions like “Flights to Berlin from €29”, but when you search for it you never find that price.

When is the best time to buy your ticket?

Question: When is the best time to buy your ticket? I’ve heard different advices. Some say you should book your ticket 3 months ahead, other have said it’s cheapest on Tuesday evening. Are these advices true?

Are sites using cookies to raise prices?

Question: Is it true that sites are using cookies to raise prices? Every time I come back to book a ticket I’ve looked at before it seems the site has raised the price by €10. Is this because they use cookies to track me?

Why is Avionero needed?

Question: You claim the presumptions of current sites are wrong, but they still seem to be doing pretty good. Do you have any statistics to back up your claims?