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Avionero is the world's most flexible flight search

Finds you the best flights based on your preferences in weather, activities, continent, etc. – in just one search.
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We can find any of this in just one search:
Weekend in Europe
Somewhere warm by the beach in September
Summer holiday in Spain
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Winter ski trip
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Creating Avionero for you
We are tired of overloaded interfaces, ads, outdated flight prices and dark upsell techniques. Our only goal is to find you the best flights.
Flexible flight search
Specific dates or fully flexible? Going to a particular city or open to go anywhere? Doesn’t matter, we find you the best tickets in just one search.
World’s largest inventory of flights
We search all the major price comparison sites, to make sure we find you the best tickets possible.
Smart search
We don't just list you cheap but often irrelevant tickets, but use AI to find you the most suitable ones.
Some words about Avionero
How are you different from other flight searches?-
Avionero is not a regular flight price comparison site. We search the other major flight price comparison sites, giving you access to the world’s largest coverage of cheap flight tickets on our site. Then we use Artificial Intelligence to locate the best possible tickets for your particular scenario - no matter how flexible you are in dates or destination.
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