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Flights from Valencia to Russia

1 Adult, Economy
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3313 km

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Russia has 165 popular cities where you could fly to

Popular Cities

Prices are stated for roundtrips.

Airports in Russia

Russia has 170 airports.
Abakan International Airport ABA
Achinsk Airport ACS
Sochi International Airport AER
Chita Kadala HTA
Chulman Airport CNN
Deputatsky Airport DPT
Dikson Airport DKS
Elista International Airport ESL
Yeniseysk Airport EIE
Gelendzhik Airport GDZ
Gorno-Altaysk Airport RGK
Grozny Airport GRV
Khatanga HTG
Igarka Airport IAA
Igrim Airport IRM
Inta Airport INA
International Airport Irkutsk IKT
Ivanovo Yuzhny Airport IWA
Izhevsk Airport IJK
Yoshkar-Ola Airport JOK
Khrabrovo Airport KGD
Kaluga (Grabtsevo) Airport KLF
Kavalerovo Airport KVR
Kazan International Airport KZN
Kemerovo International Airport KEJ
Keperveyem Airport KPW
Khanty-Mansiysk Airport HMA
Pobedilovo Airport KVX
Kirovsk-Apatity Airport KVK
Kogalym International Airport KGP
Koltsovo Airport SVX
Komsomolsk-na-Amur Khurba KXK
Kostroma Airport KMW
Kotlas Airport KSZ
Krasnodar International Airport KRR
Yemelyanovo International Airport KJA
Kurgan Airport KRO
Kursk Vostochny Airport URS
Kyzyl Airport KYZ
Lensk Airport ULK
Leshukonskoye Airport LDG
Lipetsk Airport LPK
Sokol Airport GDX
Magan Airport GYG
Magas Airport IGT
Magdagachi GDG
Magnitogorsk International Airport MQF
Uytash Airport MCX
Yuzhno-Kurilsk Mendeleyevo Airport DEE
Migalovo (air base) KLD
Mineralnye Vody Airport MRV
Mirny Airport MJZ
Moma Airport MQJ
Domodedovo International Airport DME
Murmansk Airport MMK
Nadym Airport NYM
Nalchik Airport NAL
Naryan-Mar Airport NNM
Nefteyugansk Airport NFG
Chulman Airport NER
Nizhnevartovsk Airport NJC
Strigino International Airport GOJ
Nogliki Airport NGK
Noyabrsk Airport NOJ
Alykel Airport NSK
Spichenkovo Airport NOZ
Okha Airport OHH
Novy Urengoy Airport NUX
Khabarovsk Novy Airport KHV
Nyagan Airport NYA
Nyurba Airport NYR
Okhotsk Airport OHO
Oktyabrsky Airport OKT
Olyokminsk Airport OLZ
Omsk Tsentralny Airport OMS
Oryol Yuzhny Airport OEL
Orenburg Tsentralny Airport REN
Orsk Airport OSW
Pechora Airport PEX
Penza Airport PEZ
Perm International Airport PEE
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Airport PKC
Petrozavodsk Airport PES
Pevek Airport PWE
Podkamennaya Tunguska Airport TGP
Polyarny Airport PYJ
Provideniya Bay Airport PVS
Pskov Airport PKV
Pulkovo Airport LED
Rostov-on-Don Airport ROV
Staroselye Airport RYB
Salekhard Airport SLY
Kurumoch International Airport KUF
Saransk Airport SKX
Saratov Tsentralny Airport RTW
Saskylakh Airport SYS
Shakhtyorsk Airport EKS
Sheremetyevo International Airport SVO
Simferopol International Airport SIP
Smolensk South Airport LNX
Solovki CSH
Sovetsky Tyumenskaya OVS
Srednekolymsk Airport SEK
Stavropol Shpakovskoye Airport STW
Strezhevoy SWT
Suntar Airport SUY
Surgut International Airport SGC
Syktyvkar Airport SCW
Taganrog Yuzhny Airport TGK
Tambov Donskoye Airport TBW
Teply Klyuch Airport KDY
Tiksi Airport IKS
Tobolsk Airport TOX
Tolmachevo Airport OVB
Bogashevo Airport TOF
Tula Klokovo TYA
Tunoshna Airport IAR
Tynda Sigikta TYD
Roshchino International Airport TJM
Ufa International Airport UFA
Ukhta UCT
Baikal International Airport UUD
Ulyanovsk Baratayevka Airport ULV
Ulyanovsk Vostochny Airport ULY
Uray Airport URJ
Usinsk USK
Ust-Ilimsk UIK
Ust-Kut Airport UKX
Ust-Kuyga Airport UKG
Ust-Nera Airport USR
Velikiy Ustyug VUS
Velikiye Luki Airport VLU
Beslan Airport OGZ
Vladivostok International Airport VVO
Vnukovo International Airport VKO
Volgodonsk Airport VLK
Volgograd International Airport VOG
Vologda Airport VGD
Vorkuta Airport VKT
Voronezh International Airport VOZ
Yakutsk Airport YKS
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport UUS
Zhigansk Airport ZIX
Zyryanka Airport ZKP
Aldan Airport ADH
Amderma Airport AMV
Ugolny Airport DYR
Anapa Airport AAQ
Talagi Airport ARH
Narimanovo Airport ASF
Barnaul Airport BAX
Batagay Airport BQJ
Begishevo Airport NBC
Belgorod International Airport EGO
Beloyarsky Airport EYK
Berezovo Airport EZV
Ignatyevo Airport BQS
Bodaybo Airport ODO
Bogorodskoye Airport BQG
Bratsk Airport BTK
Bryansk International Airport BZK
Bugulma Airport UUA
Burevestnik BVV
Cheboksary Airport CSY
Chelyabinsk Airport CEK
Cherepovets CEE
Chersky CYX
Iturup ITU
Zhukovsky International ZIA
Saratov Gagarin Airport GSV

Weather in Russia

Weather in cities in Russia right now:
5 m/s
81 %

Monthly weather

Planning a trip and want to know what the weather in Russia will be like?

Direct flights from Valencia to Russia

We could not found any direct flights to Russia, if you are flying from Valencia. Perhaps try selecting a different origin or search for direct flights to the whole country (Russia).

Direct flights to Russia

No direct flights to Russia