Introducing Avionero’s Back-end Developer: Ivan Yuriev!

It all started with a wise teacher in Kyrgyzstan, who told stories about all the beauty the data world had to offer. This set Ivan Yuriev’s future plans in stone – this was what he was meant to do for a living. A few years later, Ivan and the co-founder of Avionero, Anton, crossed paths, and when Avionero’s need for a competent back-end and .NET-developer came up, Ivan could do nothing but suggest that he himself was a possible candidate. And the rest, as they say, is history…

Meet Avionero’s Co-founder: Anton Tyulenev!

Computers, games, and design have always been close to Anton Tyulenev’s heart. After working at one of Russia’s most successful design agencies, he entered an online design contest — a contest which would come to lead to new meetings, a new career, and above all; the feeling of being able to create something personal with a burning passion.

Ten years of battle - the birth story of Avionero

Imagine that you, from the bottom of your heart, want to solve a problem. Imagine knowing you have to solve the problem, because the solution is very, very important. Imagine also that there’s no one who understands, listens, or even helps you on the way. Lars Kristensson, co-founder of Avionero, struggled with making his voice heard for ten years.