02 January 2020 by undefined

The flight search service Avionero is raising the bar with unique search functionalities and a new look

Avionero is raising the bar yet another step to become the most user-friendly search engine for flights on the market. You are now able to search for flights based on weather forecast, cultural activities, family friendliness, etc. In addition to the new search functionalities, it is also time for Avionero's proper launch.

Imagine that you want to find the cheapest flights to a destination with lots of cultural activities, but that it also needs to be at least 25 degrees warm there. Avionero's search engine, which is built upon advanced AI (artificial intelligence), does not only make it possible for the user to find those exact flights, but also makes it very user-friendly.

The reason why we offer this unique way of finding flights is that we have noticed that our users have this need, and we have created the solutions, says Lars Kristensson, CEO and founder of Avionero.

The company has also listened to feedback from their users regarding the aesthetics and user-friendliness of the site, and after two years in Beta (developing mode), Avionero is now ready for the big launch.

Avionero's goal is to offer the market's best search engine for flights. To be able to this, they are observing how their customers are using the platform. It is the customers' behaviours that lay the foundation for the functionalities that the company is developing and launching.

Our next step is to create a way for our users to search for flights with less environmental impact, says Lars Kristensson in closing.