13 September 2018 by undefined

Flight search startup first in the world to let their users steer the company’s future

SWEDEN, MALMÖ: The new Swedish-Russian flight search startup Avionero – which launched internationally the 11th of July this year – is the very first in the world to give their users the power to decide where to launch next; through a so-called Gamified Rollout. Avionero has an aggressive expansion plan where they will launch their flight search website in a new country every third month. Because they are fully focused on their end users, they decided to let them lead their expansion, upon which the users can vote in a true democratic spirit.

Avionero is a new user friendly flight search site based on advanced AI technology with features like Tabs right on site, Open or multiple dates, No dates, Search a whole country, Personalized results, Visualized results, Feedback on results and Inspiration pages.* The team behind Avionero has a genuine interest in people’s flexibility, curiosity and comfort, and their goal is to always simplify the process for the end user. In line with Avionero’s vision and philosophy – to always have the end user in mind – they now want to include, empower and increase closeness to their users, by letting them actively participate in the expansion. Avionero wants to create commitment, and bring the users with them on every step; support, product, and expansion. The result of this is that Avionero now provides a new voting feature, where they offer a large amount of countries in which they potentially could open next. Among these their users, and potential users, can vote one time each for the country where they would find Avionero useful.

– To do this means that we hand over the control. We let our users decide our future path and of course it is a bit nervous, as it may lead to unexpected turns and directions both for the team and the company as a whole. And perhaps that is why companies usually do not do it this way. As corporate governance or management always strive for power, command and, perhaps most, control. We will do the exact opposite – we give the control to the users instead. We will do it partly because participation is a human, fundamental need, but also because our users mean everything to us. So what we want is to put more power in the hands of our users, so they can solve more on their own, CEO and founder Lars Kristensson says.

From the day when there is a result, the team will get less than three months to solve everything from strategy work, translation and configuration of the site, to PR work and planning of the launch – which the team behind Avionero takes as a challenge. For them, the voting feature also acts as an indication of Avioneros spread, providing the possibility to see where there is an awareness about the service, as well as finding out where the service is actually needed. But mainly it is a way for Avionero to stay close to their users by actually honoring the result of their users’ votes.

Avionero has pre launched a beta version in Sweden and Russia, and has also launched the site worldwide. Avionero has recently opened their A-round of 20 M SEK. The 4th of October 2018 Avionero will launch in Spain and at the same time they will release a new and highly requested feature.

Avionero was founded by Lars Kristensson, CEO and system architect, and Anton Tyulenev, Vice President and Product Designer, in November 2015. The team behind Avionero consists of 13 people located in Sweden, Moscow, Bolivia, and Denmark.