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Madrid in May: Weather, Average temperature and Climate

Take a look at past year’s weather for Madrid in May and see if it is worth visiting.
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Weather in Madrid in May 2024

Good Weather
Planning a trip to Madrid in May? You are in luck! The weather is generally good, with an average maximum temperature of +73°F and approximately 16 sunny days. Just be prepared for some rain, as there are usually around 5 rainy days and 47 mm of precipitation. Expect good weather and pack accordingly to enjoy the outdoors. Search flights in one click on Avionero.

Average weather

Avg. max. temperature
47 mm
Total precipitation
Avg. humidity
2 m/s
Avg. wind
16 ☀️
Sunny Days
10 ⛅️
5 🌦
Our opinion: Madrid has good weather in May.

Average temperature in Madrid in May

Here are the expected maximum, average and minimum temperatures in Madrid for May based on the historical data.
Last Year
Historical Data

Going from a maximum of +93°F during the day to a minimum of +50°F during the night, the temperature in May averages around +79°F.

The average maximum temperature goes up 25% by the end of the month, compared with the beginning of the month, from +75°F to +86°F.

Is Madrid warm or cold in May?

Madrid is typically warm in May.

Maximum temperatures go up compared to the previous month from +64°F to +73°F. The minimum temperature also goes up from +45°F to +52°F.

It’s generally warm, but pack a long-sleeve shirt for evenings.

Take a look at how May is compared to other months in Madrid:

Climate in Madrid in May

Madrid weather looks like this, on average, in May and the surrounding months.
Avg. temperature
Min. temperature
Max. temperature
63 mm47 mm30 mm
2 m/s2 m/s2 m/s
Air pressure
1013 HPa1014 HPa1015 HPa
Sunny days
Cloudy days
Rainy days
Snowy days

May weather is still as good as in April. It’s getting warmer as May arrives. The average maximum temperature goes up from +64°F to +73°F during the day. As May arrives, the amount of rainfall goes down. On average, the rainfall volume decreases from 63 mm to 47 mm. It feels drier, as humidity decreases from 59% to 54%. The average wind speed doesn’t change much during May, staying around 2 m/s. The good news is there are likely to be more sunny days in May, from 13 to 16.

June brings much the same weather, it remains good.


Wind speed in Madrid in May based on historical data.
Last Year
Historical Data

The average wind speed is 3 m/s getting up to 6 m/s which is a medium breeze. You can feel it, especially getting out of the water.

The average wind speed in Madrid is gradually decreasing during May, going from 3 m/s to 2 m/s over the course of the month.


Amount of rainfall in mm during May in Madrid based on historical data.
Last Year
Historical Data
Typically, there is a 19% chance of rain on an average day in May, with total rainfall of approximately 47 mm. The maximum amount of rainfall per day is around 32 mm, which is moderate rain. On average, there are about 6 rainy days during May, so prepare to bring an umbrella.
Here’s how May is compared with other months in the amount of precipitation, total mm:
Madrid wettest month is November, where a typical day has a 20% chance of precipitation and 67 mm of rainfall per day. July, on the other hand, is the driest month with a mere 3% chance of precipitation and 10 mm of rainfall per day.

How was the weather last May in Madrid?

This is the weather in Madrid in May 2023:
1 May
2 May
3 May
4 May
5 May
6 May
7 May
8 May
9 May
10 May
11 May
12 May
13 May
14 May
15 May
16 May
17 May
18 May
19 May
20 May
21 May
22 May
23 May
24 May
25 May
26 May
27 May
28 May
29 May
30 May
31 May
In May 2023 Madrid had 29 sunny days, 1 cloudy days, and 1 rainy days. The average maximum temperature was +79°F, with an absolute maximum of +93°F and a minimum of +61°F. The average humidity was 46%, with a maximum of 85% and a minimum of 16%. The average wind speed was 3 m/s, with a maximum of 12 m/s and a minimum of 0 m/s.
Are you planning a trip in May?

Climate Change Over the Years

This is how Madrid climate has changed over the last 43 years.

The climate in Madrid in May has not changed that much over the last 43 years.

The average temperature was the lowest in 1984 (+61°F) and the highest in 2022 (+83°F). The driest year was 2019 with only 2 mm of rainfall, and the wettest year was 2020 with 150 mm.


Frequently asked questions about the weather in Madrid in May:

Is May a good time to visit Madrid?

May is a really good time to go to Madrid. The weather is nice so plan your packing around outdoor activities and exploring. Check out other good time to visit Madrid.

Can you sunbathe in Madrid in May?

May is warm in Madrid. You may enjoy some beach or pool time in the day, but pack something a tad warmer for the evening.

Is Madrid rainy in May?

Madrid is usually dry in May. Plan your packing around outdoor activities and exploring.

Is it sunny in Madrid in May?

The amount of sunny days in Madrid during May varies; prepare for a mix of clouds and sun.

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Monthly weather in Madrid

Source of the data

For this page, we’ve looked at the typical weather in Madrid, based on historical hourly weather data from January 1, 1979, to December 31, 2022.

For past dates, we show actual recorded data at the location at that time. Forecasts are based on recorded weather during that day of the year, averaged over the total years for which we have records (unless stated otherwise). The daily temperature is the highest recorded temperature in the shadow during that day.